The StakeBox is designed to be an energy-efficient, cost-effective way to store and stake your PoS cryptocurrencies.

Uses less than 5 watts of electricity

Requires no additional hardware or software

Completely silent

Slightly larger than a credit card

Complete wallet control via Web browser

Simple, one-click wallet updates

Quad-core processor

Multi-wallet capable

Supports most proof of stake coins

60-day exchange warranty

Lifetime support and wallet updates

A new dedicated staking device is now available: the StakeBox. Are you tired of worrying about whether the Web browsing or other activities you do on your home computer may be putting your coins at risk? Cryptocurrencies are a prime target for hackers, and all varieties of malware. All of your online activities on your computer that is also hosting your wallet are a potential vector of attack on your precious coins. Leaving your computer running 24/7 to help secure your favorite blockchain and be rewarded with some staking income in exchange is using excessive electricity. There is generally no need to consume an entire desktop's -- or even laptop's -- worth of electricity in the process. Our product is the result of that thought process.

Access to your wallet is available from any Internet-enabled device on your home network via a simple, intuitive Web UI. From there, you can do more or less anything your full cryptocurrency’s wallet is capable of doing, including, but not limited to checking your balance, sending and receiving coins, viewing transaction history, encrypting your wallet, etc. Most devices can simply go to the URL stakebox.local/. For access from Android devices, you must find the device’s local IP address on your router’s admin page and point your browser there. If you desire, you can also attach a keyboard and mouse and hook it up to your TV or monitor via HDMI. There, you will be greeted by a full-blown OS with GUI, where you can access the full Qt wallet.

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